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Another tool that helps people move more.

Simply by changing the position of your feet, this posture trick helps you project a better image, hardens your butt and stomach muscles, and opens us space for your internal organs so they're not being crushed all day (like at a desk).


Hundreds of dorky gadgets have been invented to help with posture... reinforced clothes, aligned buzzers, shoulder-straps, digital spine-conformers.

But it's even simpler to use this ballet dancer's trick... called POSTURI.

POSTURI straightens your back, lifts your head up, broadens your shoulders, firms your butt, and widens your pelvis so that your stomach is automatically pulled in.

POSTURI is based on what ballet dancers do with their feet... it's how they get that impossibly elegant posture. Here's the trick...

Dancers' feet are always automatically in a wide V shape... with heels together and feet turned out as far as possible. Get the habit too. As you improve, you can gently develop a wider V of more than 90° degrees. Keep your knees together, of course.

This trick fixes everything. Do it all day. Feel your whole body change immediately.

Do a POSTURI now and fix it in your muscle memory for ever. It also works seated.

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