Ask your employer to get you Fifteening !


The quick new way to exercise.

Do one now and start living longer !

Lake Geneva Switzerland

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About FIFTEENING  (5 minute read)

Key points

Move-at-Work is increasingly recommended by serious employers.

Improves work and adds up to a surprising amount of exercise without people realizing.

Free for the public. Employers pay a tiny fee as proof that they have Move-at-Work, with reminders.

New social tools for marketing, sales, HR, and people-connecting situations.

Start a Fifteening program in minutes in your organization. Costs almost nothing.

What's different ?

Fifteening is done in normal clothes, anywhere, anytime, done in a flash, doesn't interrupt concentration, perks you up, no need to leave the office, no time to get bored or hot, no floor work, no touching, no membership, no subscription, no sign up, no app, no download, no special equipment, no changing rooms or showers, requires no payment by the public, OK for any age or fitness level, OK with all social, gender, racial, or religious requirements, OK for thin, ok for heavy, ok anywhere - at work, at home, travelling, on vacation - no electricity required, no electronics required, no phone required (but it combines easily with apps), no training needed, no dance sequences to remember, no crazy rhythms, no peer judgments to keep up with, no ball to catch, no need to schedule or make reservations, nobody shouting at you. Fifteening helps people laugh and socialize (now known to be an essential contributor to good health), and it builds non-exercisers' confidence so they see fitness as something even they could really do. Fifteening meets the hot new medical essential, which is to help people move all their body all day.

Why do it ?

When you sit a lot, your muscles and bones weaken, you put on weight, and your body decays, even if you exercise later.

Let's face the truth, most people worldwide don't exercise. Tons of money is being spent to encourage people to exercise and many exercise programs are successful, but we're still only scratching the surface. With the exception of people who have a physical job, 95 percent of the world's population doesn't move much. That's because the barriers to doing formal exercise are high... cost, sweating, showers, scheduling, distance, inconvenience, weather, safety, where do I lock my stuff, and it uses limited free time. Fifteening turns this upside down... instead of people going to exercise, exercise comes to them. Of course, Fifteening all day does not equal a formal exercise session for sweat and aerobic quality, but it's already so much more than most people are doing now. And after a few weeks of doing Fifteening, even non-sporty people are amazed at how fit and toned they have become. That's when chronic non-exercisers get the message.

For MANAGERS and HR, body-damage from hours of sitting at work is now a mainstream medical concern, featured daily in the world media. Impossible to say you didn't know. You can't exercise it away later. Worse still, any employee illness that can be even partly attributed to not moving at work may become a pretext for litigation. Spread the Fifteening habit through your organization. The user fee is $ 1.00 per employee per year. It's legal proof that you had a 'move-at-work'​ program, and it shows you care. Activate your Fifteening user status by paying the small fee now, and appoint a chatty employee to go round talking about it (we'll poke them all year to keep them motivated)Fifteening buys time to learn about new office tools such as sit-stand desks, office work-out stations, pedometers, etc. but even if you get these, you will want to keep on Fifteening. It's a tiny petty-cash item with a big result. It is also vital for loosening up standing-desk users' upper body, and pumping the blood back up from the legs.

For COMPANIESFifteening Social Tools boost image, and outreach. They create real human stories for your social media and let you connect with any demographic on Earth whenever you wish. Use them with sponsorship and sales.

For FITNESS PROFESSIONALS, offering a Fifteening demo is an easy no-cost first step to engage with potential new customers. Fitness, yoga, pilates and dance professionals can use it the same way. Fifteening is a great door-opener for selling new corporate subscriptions. You can also create Fifteening Points to stay closer to customers and prospects by building a supportive community feeling directly at their location.

For FUND-RAISERS and CHARITIES, Fifteening is a new tool for raising money and for opening doors.

For SAFETYFifteening uses proven, well-known, traditional moves that are as old as history - we all know them since we were kids, and we all know they work safely when done normally. They're old and trusted for a reason.

For the NEW MEDICAL REQUIREMENT of moving the body all day, Fifteening does what no other office mobility system does. So you'll likely want to keep Fifteening even if you buy other systems or mobility desks.

Fifteening PRICE is tiny, to make it accessible even in the poorest areas of the planet. For any place that really can't pay, there are Fifteening Sponsors happy to pay. Just ask.

Fifteening is ideally done ON THE QUARTER HOUR if you can, just for the thrill of knowing a lot of other humans in the world are Fifteening at the same time. Plus it makes it easier to sync any events you create between schools and offices.

Fifteening is ON SEVERAL BIG NEW TRENDS... the increasing awareness of the dangers of all-day immobility at work, the increasing integration of fitness into daily life, a general wish for more public socializing and human interaction, and less schedule, location, and time constraints.

How to connect with Fifteening
Fifteening is promoted town to town, company to company, club to club, school to school, via the Social Tools, via Fifteening Points, via printing the moves on flags, posters, clothes, cards, and walls, and via Sloball. Fifteening is on all world social media, and on the first page of all search engines. There are Fifteening social media pages for many places.

What you can do to help
Check out the Social Tools to see which one you could start using. Start a Fifteening Point so people can find one. Talk to officials, companies and organizations so they support it. Get the media involved. Talk to advertising agencies. Do events. Use it for marketing. Do it yourself today. Appoint a chatty co-ordinator to promote it in your organization. And if any events involve kids, for some strange reason they love Fifteening... ask them to create dances to music with all the Fifteening Moves. Keeps them busy for hours !

Thanks for reading !
In a few years you'll cry for joy that you started to move today. Not many things in life will give you so many benefits later. Follow the rules for ageing... maintain basic muscles, give the skeleton some work to do, eat naturally, shop frugally, fall less, stay in touch, show up, and interact with people.

Now, try a Fifteening Move... just 5 seconds... it will change your life. Don't regret later. Go on, do a quick one now !

Print your Fifteening Moves !

Grab a Fifteening Program !

Join a Soleball Club !

Fifteening... created in Switzerland to fight the global health epidemic of office-people not moving enough at work.

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