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The easy way to be fit !

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 A tool for improving health... physical, social, and mental,

in cities, organizations, companies, and schools. 

In phase with tomorrow's urban gardening, food health, and socializing trends.

Another tool that helps people move more.

The easiest way to feel better today already

Grow something, even one tiny plant.

Start at home, cheaply with a few seeds, and in a couple of hours you'll be feeling really good.

How big is a garden ?

A herb in the kitchen, a balcony-box, a veggie-patch, a borrowed bit of land, or a forest, it doesn't matter. They all re-connect us mentally and emotionally with Nature and each other.

Why 10 billion gardens ?

We will soon be 10 billion people on this planet. 10 billion gardens will help make it greener and healthier, and remind us all continually that we need to interact with Nature and each other.

Connect your plant and yourself to the world

Plant-growers socialize easily.

Wear a green strand of wool that says you're happy to talk to anyone about their plants.

Put your plant on any social page and let us know.


Gardening moves all the muscles in the body, including the ones that many sports forget.

After a few weeks you'll be surprised at how toned you've become.

And if you eat what you grow, just a few plants, that happy feeling lasts for days.

SOCIAL health

Plants are a fun conversation-starter with every person worldwide who is a grower.

That includes your community, your work-place, and anywhere you travel.

Plant-growing has no racial, national, social, or faith barriers. 

MENTAL health

The process of growing plants floods your brain with calm peaceful feelings, like music does.

And as you organize plant-growing through the four seasons of the year, the brain in your head and the brain in your stomach are kept healthfully in sync.

Getting started is easy

Gardening is as simple or as complex as you want. Start minimalist. There are many websites and videos on the internet, on everything you could wish. Many sites over-complicate things to make themselves interesting, but after you've checked out a few, you'll sort them in no time. 

Stay connected with this page as we add quick and easy tips below in 2020.

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