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Growing something prevents depression and obesity. It's educational. It gives you warm emotions and exercise.

It recycles your food-waste. It saves money. It makes friends.

Another fifteening.com tool that helps people move more.

Feel good in a few minutes. 

Buy a herb in a pot, or a seedling, or sow some seeds in a balcony-box, or

share a veggie-patch, or borrow some land, or do guerilla gardening.

Why 10 billion ?

We'll soon be 10 billion people on this planet.

If every person grows something, that's a lot of green.

Food waste

Food waste is valuable. Why throw it away ? Why pollute landfills.

Put yours in a blender and grow your plants in it. 

Connect your garden to the world and socialize

Growers worldwide are all friendly and socialize easily.

Use this page as a conversation-starter with neighbors, online, or anywhere.

Gardening is good for your body and brain in new ways

You'll be quite surprised at how toned you become.

And if you eat what you grow, the happy feeling lasts all week.

Calm and sync your brain-gut biome

Growing fills your brain with calm feelings, and syncs it with your gut.

Be minimalist 

Growing is easier than you think, and almost free. Be more self-sufficient.


There are thousands of websites and web-videos on gardens and growing.

The mini-videos on this page show some cheap short-cuts we like.

Make free plant pots with the recycled BLACK BAG method

10 Billion Gardens

Plant in any season with the WALKIE BOX method

Plant in recycled cartons with the THROUGH-THE-BOTTOM method

Re-cycle all your food waste with the HOME COW-DUNG method

Compost faster with the FISHNET COMPOST method (coming soon)

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