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Everyone on Earth should grow some food at home. It's easy, cheap, tasty,

and satisfying. It reduces obesity and depression. It's educational, gives you

warm emotions, and some light exercise. It reduces over-farming and shipping.

The free black-bag planting method below lets you home-re-cycle all your own

food-waste, so you fix the planet's landfill methane problem at the same time.

Another tool that helps people move more.

You'll be feeling better in a few minutes already if you grow something

Buy a herb in a pot, or a seedling, or sow some seeds in a balcony-box.

Or share a veggie-patch, or borrow a bit of land, or try guerilla gardening, it doesn't matter.

They all connect us with Nature's good vibes. Start at home, small and cheap. 

Why 10 billion ?

We'll soon be 10 billion people on this planet.

If every person has even one small pot, that's a lot of mentality-changing green.

Food waste

One quarter of all food produced worldwide goes to waste. Not yours !

Throw it in a blender or cut it up into a mush, home-recycle it by growing your plants in it.

See black-bag video below. 

Connect your garden to the world and socialize easily across social barriers and distance

Growers are all friendly, be they rich or poor. Put your garden on a social page and socialize.

Plants are an easy conversation-starter with neighbors, colleagues, online, or when you travel.

Plant-growing has no racial, national, social, or religious barriers. It opens all doors. Just knock.

Move all the muscles in the body, slow your ageing, be happier

You'll be surprised at how toned and happy you become.

And if you eat what you grow, even one leaf, that happy feeling lasts all week.

Brain-gut biome

Growing plants fills your brain with calm peaceful feelings, like soft music.

It keeps your brain and your stomach biome healthfully in sync. Because bad gut, bad brain.

Be minimalist. Spend no money.

Growing is easier than you think, and free. Check the mini-videos below.

After that, there are hundreds of online websites and videos on every subject.

Take it easy. There's no hurry. Only pleasure.

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The BLACK-BAG planting method...

1. Make free planting-pots 

2. Re-cycle all your own food waste

3. Make compost automatically

4. Move plants easily for sun or shade

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